Saturday, October 25, 2008


Got my copy of "We Satellites" signed by David Tan and the incredibly cool Amanda Ling of Singapore's seminal band, ELECTRICO yesterday evening at the Xbox event in Marina Square. Next time I must get a photo taken with the band and better still a photo with just Amanda? That would be way coooool!
Snap some candid shots of Amanda too! Caught shots of her yawning twice too! Tired? Sleepy?
She had a lovely voice too! She should really sing! (To Dave: Eh, can let her sing on one of Electrico song next time can or not? Don't hog the mic leh!)

Wow! What a BABE!

Quiet COOL!

Babe with toys! Dangerously WICKED!

What a sweet smile!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The word "Crisis" in Chinese (危机) , if you read into the two characters individually, the first character 危 reflects CRISIS while the second character 机 actually reflects OPPORTUNITY!It is amazing how 2 simple characters forming a word phrase could be the opposite sides of the same coin. This is the true beauty of the chinese characters - on its own it can mean one thing but with another it can mean a completely different thing.

Funny how things turn up all at the same time when you are down in the pits. You can blame life and the whole world when it happened but on the other hand it may be a blessing in disguise, you can sort EVERYTHING out all at one GO! Possibly the only thing anyone can do is to let things unfold by itself because nobody knows if it will be more 危 or more 机 at each turn of events.............

Thursday, October 2, 2008


(1) From the Singapore Flyer:

(2) Inside The National Museum:

So retro! Spiral stairs are a rarity these days!

I like the play of words here, both in English as well as in Chinese!

The iconic VESPA scooter

(3) At The Istana:

The Singapore Flyer: One big hyperbole! Wouldn't think of going up for another ride.

The National Museum: I wonder the attraction is in the exhibits or the building itself, I prefer the latter hands down!

The Istana: The plushest grass anywhere on this island (so good you could simply sleep on it and walk barefooted!) but a shame that citizens do not get to enjoy it apart from selected public holidays! It was a hassle getting in too! I do pity the ceremonial guard standing at the gate with visitors posing and snapping away.