Monday, October 5, 2009

5.12 REDUX - A passing glimpse.......

.....bad roads that narrowed to single lanes and traffic jams.

........houses submerged in water.

.....torn bridges, roads blocked by avalanches rendered unpassable.

....temporary housing stll being used.
....on-going road repairs, seems never-ending.
......a slalom of a ride!

......boulders all around.....a reminder.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

成都 - The one thing that I will missed the most......

..........will be these fellas!

,,,,enjoying their pet food.

.....playful as kids!

.....being comfortable, come what may!

Do Not DIsturb!.......Panda in zzzerious meditation.

Probably the most carefree creatures in the whole universe and a pleasure to watch from such close proximity. Never fails to amuse visitors with their playfulness and clumsiness, and it all comes naturally for them without even trying!
I lost my beloved HTC Touch 3G on the bus returning from Jiuzhaigou and was a wee bit down but these fellas cheered me up almost instantly!
It was not so much about the physical phone but more importantly the data inside and the contacts of new friends I made on this trip! I blame myself for my over-reliance on modern tech and not having the discipline to backup my data, so I have to live with and learn from this episode.
One thing is for sure, it made me realise that material things are just what they are and there is no need for any attachment to them. Instead what one should treasure are the intangibles which could not be easily replaced, replicated and easily lost forever.