Sunday, August 30, 2009


........at the KLCC

Finally, FINALLY made it up to the Petronas Twin Towers' skybridge after so many years trippin' this city. In truth nothing spectacular other than the scale of the construction and the techonologies used. The view looks far better from the ground upwards than from the bridge downwards.

Monday, August 10, 2009

44th National Day Pix

Above shots taken with 18x zoom!!

9 Aug 2009 - 8:22 pm Pledge Moment?

What is the point in saying a pledge that had long lost its identity and relevance? Does it still mean anything? What significance is there to put your clenched fist on your chest? Nothing but a show, that's all.

They must be fast running out of ideas so why not stop wasting people's time and resources and stick to a simple march past - short and simple! It don't mean a thing and stop risking small children drenched and walking under lightning and thunder a long distance just to locate their buses during rehearsals on heavy raining days. Where is the provision of safety first cover?? This is peace time, cannot imagine what it will be like in non-peace time? Can anyone expect to be shielded from safety and harm? very unlikely!

An alternate pledge by ex-citizens of Singapore:


I like the diagonal placements at opposite angles - concrete and tree - covered by a sky, blue with clouds. Perfect framing.

Speckle from a tiny sun, enhanced by the darkness of the surroundings - A real spectacle!

It got me thinking about always to look to a ray of light at the end of a deep and dark tunnel, in life and in almost every obstacle that we come face to face with. It may be just a speckle but as you bravely walk towards that tiny speckle, it will become an ever growing ray of light every step of the way. Don't Give Up, Never Give Up!

Thank you, you know who you are!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

L.O.V.E. is?

Love is a fragile thing
Like a plant, it must be watered and cultivated
or it will wither and die.

The notion that love will continue
to grow naturally through the years is misguided

The truth is that love must be maintained and protected
if it's going to survive

Love can perish when work consume seven days a week or
when spouses don't communicate regularly
The keen edge of a loving relationship
may be dulled through the routine pressures of living.

Realised what this busy life was doing to your relationship
We may still loved each other
but it had been too long since
we'd felt the spirit of warmth and closeness.

Where does your marriage rank?
Does it get the leftovers from your busy
schedule or is it something of worth

to be supported and replenished?

Let there be no misunderstanding.
If left unattended, your relationship could die a slow death
and no career goal is worth that price.

extracted from article "Value Your Marriage"
by Dr. James Dobson (Focus on the Family)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

25.07.09 - IT'S ONLY WORDS..........

People slimming down is commonplace but buildings too?

Water sprouting:

Who needs a back scratcher when you have arms that could reach your back?

The following 5 pictures are focused on the same ferris wheel but from different angles and different settings, each one looks different from the other.
It's the same with human beings, everyone's perception of people, objects and things are different and everyone is trying to get others to see it from his or her own perspectives.
That in essence may be the core of one's existence. In the end does all these really matter?
A life is well-lived if one lives it being true to yourself and follow where your heart leads you. Never you mind what others think or say, just go your own way. It is perfectly alright to make mistakes or wrong decisions along the way, everyone does.
When confronted with a situation, pause for a moment and take a step back. Things tend to look very different with just that single step backwards. Just like taking a photo with a camera, by taking a step back you could see much more wider to frame that perfect shot.