Saturday, March 6, 2010

OakSongs 162/500

Date: 28th Feb 2010
Loc: Polymath & Crust, a.k.a. Books Actually.......on Club Street
23 March 2010 01:58 hrs
Actually did not intend to put any words with this post because nothing needs to be said or written. The pictures above of the OakSongs package speak for itself!
Enjoy the songs (they were the essence of what local alternative folk rock was and still is all about), use your imagination.....shrink yourself to fit into the box (learn from Alice in Wonderland, perhaps) and see what ths piece of art is all about. Size doesn't matter, Substance does!
But seeing things small is sure a good change from the Big-Bigger-Mega concept of today's world and maybe we are all seeing things too big or too far ahead and missing the small things around us that really matters. No one is bigger than life itself.
I only realize minutes ago that my little blog post got linked on Humpback Oak's facebook and "Jeff" and "Elizabeth" (whoever they may be) like the pictures/post. Thank you "Jeff", thank you "Elizabeth" and thank you most of all, Humpback Oak -- for keeping the spirit alive and proving once again that you don't need a label to release your own records!