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Day 14: 17 March 2008
Itinerary: Yichang-Wuhan-Shenzhen

Checked out from the hotel and hopped over to the Bus Terminal opposite to get the ticket for the 1st bus out to Wuhan. The Bus Terminal had a big display with all the bus routes, timings as well as pricing. The first bus departs at 7 am so I had more than enough time.

The check-in gate

I had a sudden attack of gout and had to keep my legs stretch out to ease the pain. The medication needed time to take effect. No finer time to admire my trusty pair of shoes (cost only S$25, it's an Ashaway running shoe) that had travelled to places like Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Lhasa, Three Gorges etc. with me! Also the same pair I am using now for my 2.4km run routine.

It was a foggy day with light rain in Yichang. The heavy fog meant that the highway to Wuhan was closed to traffic. Damn! I was beginning to wonder if I could make it on time to Wuhan to catch the flight to Shenzhen. Nothing I could do other than to keep my fingers crossed but the anxiety was beginning to set in! Luckily by about 10 am a police car came and led the way into the highway. It was still foggy but had cleared slightly. The police car travelled for some distance to ensure that visibility was OK for traffic to proceed safely. The rest of the vehicles followed at a distance behind the police. We were finally on the way to Wuhan but there was not enough time for me to visit the Yellow Crane Tower. I had to find my way to the Airport as soon as the bus reached Wuhan.

The counter staff at the Wuhan Bus Terminal was really helpful and directed me to the correct counter to get the Airport Bus ticket. She even brought me to board a bus that would take me to the place were the Airport Bus was departing from. I was amazed that even though I was the only passenger , the big bus still proceeded to ferry me to the departure area of the Airport Bus about 5 to 10 minutes drive away from the Bus Terminal. Talk about service! I was truly impressed!
I was right on time to catch the departing Airport Bus. Had some time to spare walking around the duty free area of the Wuhan Airport.

The following were photos of Wuhan that I snapped from the Long Distance Bus:

These were taken on the way to the Airport:

This little fellow sat in front of me on the Shenzhen Air flight Wuhan to Shenzhen. Really restless chap! Could not sit still, I made funny faces at him and played a little peek-a-boo with him during the flight.

I had managed to keep to the flight schedule in the end. Reached Shenzhen Airport close to 6 pm, took my dinner at the Shenzhen Airport, did a last minute shopping there as well to deplete the balance RMB before catching the Tiger Airways flight back to Singapore. The flight back to Singapore was not full and I had three seats to myself to stretch out and sleep for most of the flight. Was really tired from nearly a whole day of travelling, really knocked-out! Could not remember anything throughout the 3 hour-plus flight back to Singapore.

There, I finally finished my belated trip journal! Nearly four months after the trip! Guess I will never make it as a writer of any kind.

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