Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Little Milestone + A Rocking Good Time with ELECTRICO

Date: 19 July 2008
Day: Saturday

Finally managed to crack the 13 minutes barrier for the 2.4km! I think I have not hit that mark since the turn of the century, so it was almost 8 years!
I started this weekly physical regime on 10 May (14:46:12) and hit a little milestone of sorts on 19 Jul (12:58:80). I am not sure if I could go any faster from here onwards, the most feasible target is to maintain at the 13 minutes-mark (+/- 20 to 30 secs). Felt comfortable at this pace.

Also on Saturday, went to one of Electrico's mini tour to promote their new album "We Satellites" at The Arts House (front lawn). Rain delayed the event for more than an hour.

Lunarin was the first band to perform. First time I had seen or heard them, not really into their type of Evanescence-style of music.
The next was Force Vomit, this was the first time I had seen this band live although I had listened to a couple of their songs before. They were good! You could see them really enjoying themselves playing together.
The main event was Electrico and this was also the first time I had seen them live and boy, was I impressed! They really rock! I think they are possibly local music's best hope yet for the big breakthrough internationally. They nailed down the wall-of-sound effect to the T and really came to their own with an identifiable sound. Will go to their Republic Polytechnic leg next Saturday too!

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